I'm Nathaniel, a Software Developer & Reverse Engineer residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States of America.

As a Software Developer my specialization is in Ruby and the Ruby On Rails Web Framework. I'm also able to work with (and be productive in) Javascript/Node.js, C#/ASP.NET, & PHP. Other languages (also listing some frameworks/libraries here) I am interested in learning more (although not currently productive due to limited learning time) about include x86/RISC/MIPs/ARM/similar-assemblies, C/C++, Elixir, F#, Python, React.js, & Vue.js.

I really enjoy contributing to free and open source software projects. I try to stay active on my GitHub and GitLab accounts. I try to help projects which promote user's online privacy, anonymity, and security in anyway I can.

In my free time as a reverse engineer, I enjoy breaking web applications and making them do things that they shouldn't be able to. Finding flaws such as SQL Injection Vulnerabilites & Cross Site Scripting Risks is a fun past-time for me. It's made me a better web developer as I'm already aware of the risks out there as I'm writing web application code (security isn't an afterthought for me). PS: Don't use scanners they ruin the fun!

I am a native English speaker and on the side I have been learning to read and write in German.